Sunday, September 27, 2009

5K!!!! Only 1 Week Away

Hey guys,

Well my first 5K is only one week away!! By this time next week I will have finished the race - I hope!!

I will be registering on Friday. I am still quite nervous and really don't feel that I am as ready as I should be. I must be honest and say that I have NOT been as diligent as I should have been with the training. I have been working out regularly (weight training and cardio) but just not so regular with the running training. I'm not sure if I will be able to RUN the entire 5k but I am going to try. Thankfully, I have the option of walking it as well. Realistically, I think it will be a combination of running/ goal is to FINISH (first and foremost), but also to do more running than walking.

At this point, I'm not too concerned about my time. I am hoping that I finish under an hour though!! Even if it's 59.9 minutes, I will be thrilled. Just the thought of being able to FINISH a 5k race, something I'd only dreamed about just a short while ago will be great.

I will take pictures and post them for sure. So that's it for now. I will more than likely post again prior to the race. Start praying for me people!!

Until next time...
Joania (2KMINE!!!!)


  1. My motto is: Run if you can run, walk if you can't run and crawl if you can't walk. I'm a big believer in taking walk breaks. It lets you catch your breath, drink some water, blow your nose and just regroup. Best wishes!

  2. Thanks guys!!

    @ VegNextDoor - thank you so much for all your support with this and all your helpful information!! I really appreciate it!! I'll take pictures, hopefully there won't be any of me crawling! lol!! :)