Monday, September 7, 2009

Race Day Essentials

There are a few more topics that I want to cover but I decided to cover the Race Day Essentials topic because it is that time of year when people are participating in runs or races. So here goes...

Pre-Race Preparation

 Pick up your race package before Race Day (make sure safety pins are enclosed for your bib)
 Experiment with nutrition products (if using any) in the weeks leading up to the race not on race day. Find out from the organizers what products they'll be using
 Set out your race clothes and all equipment the night before the race. Be sure to pick clothes that you have worn before so you know how they fit
 Hydrate and eat well in the two days preceding the race (it's not necessary to eat a box of pasta the night before)

Race Day Essentials

 Runners
 Favourite socks
 Water
 Hat/Visor
 Sunglasses
 Watch
 Heart rate monitor
 TorsoPack
 Sunscreen
 Body Glide
 Nutrition product
 Pace band
 Race number and bib with contact and health information written on back

Race Day

 Relax – You can do it
 Arrive early
 Include a warm up
 Start slowly
 Drink water
 Stay positive and be courteous to other runners
 Finish upright and smiling


  1. Great list!

    I also recommend doing a long run with the exact clothes you are going to wear - from personal experience! I did a trial run last week and realized my water belt rubbed against (and burned) my belly since my shirt rode up a bit...A dress rehersal is always a good thing!!!