Sunday, October 4, 2009

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!! MY FIRST 5K in 43:48!!!!!!!!!

ME!!! After running my first 5K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!43:48!!!!!!!!! Click on the pix to enlargen!! My hair was messy but who cares, I JUST RAN A 5K!! :D

Wow!!! What a moment!! Crossing that finish line today was simply one of the best and most amazing moments of my life!! Tears ran down my cheeks as I saw that finish line and it was within my reach and I felt amazing, full of energy, no aches!! My legs felt strong and I felt like I could run forever! It was amazing!!! I was thinking of my mom and my son, my husband, and my friends and family and my trainer whipping me into shape and the blog and readers/supporters!! I just wanted to run!! There were so many people running for the cure!! All these people (strangers) cheering me on as I got closer and closer to that finish line!

"I'm running!! I'm running and about to cross the finish line of a 5K race", I thought to myself!! I was in disbelief and juiced up on adrenaline!! It was incredible. I looked up at the clock and it said 43:48 as I crossed. WHAT!!!!??? How the heck did I do that??In all the weeks of training, the fastest I ran the 5K was 59minutes. I did not run the entire thing either...there were moments when I walked..but the walks were brisk and short, I REALLY JUST WANTED TO RUN!!! I felt such happiness and pride finishing that race...truly awesome moment!

Okay, so you can tell that I am still on an incredible high here!! Let me back up a bit!! I woke up this morning feeling nervous and anxious about the run but determined non-the-less!! I put on my "runfit" (run + outfit = runfit) and headed to the run site. I took my iPod with me, seeing that I was running by myself, I figured it would help me to stay focussed. I was listening to Robert Ullrey's podcast (the C25K program). I was accustomed to the music so it was great! It really did help as I found that I zoned everything else out and focussed on the run, my form and my breathing!

A little past the halfway point, I felt myself getting tired and quickly gave myself a little pep talk (in my head!!) which went something like this, "you're running a 5K, you registered and actually showed up, you didn't chicken out!! you're doing it, YOU CAN DO THIS, you told everybody you're going to do this so DO IT, NO PAIN, NO TIRED, NO EXCUSES!!!" It was amazing, I felt the energy racing through me. I just can't find the right words to explain the feeling!!

Throughout my 5K training, I truly felt that running was not for me. I didn't find it enjoyable and usually was spent after each training session so I was really worried about how I would perform today!! After today's race, the way I felt - and I don't know if it was a combination of nerves, excitement, adrenaline and determination, but I liked it!! I LIKED IT!! I felt strong and fit!! It was just great!! That "running switch" finally went on!!So will I continue running?? YEAH!! I WILL!! I will definitely continue running because I LOVED the way I felt today!! So to all my runner friends/bloggers who kept encouraging me to keep at it...YOU WERE RIGHT!! If this is the feeling you were referring to , I can definitely get used to it!!Incredible!!

Anyway, today was an awesome day!! I've just completed one of the items on my bucket list!! This gives me great hope that I can achieve so much more. 9 months ago prior to setting out on this incredible journey, I could barely walk to my car, muchless dream of ever running a 5K race. The possibilities are endless! I'm so excited for the future!! AMAZING

Oh, the only bad thing (not really bad, bad), but because of the amount of people participating in CIBC Run for the Cure race, it was difficult to get pix and impossible to get one of me crossing the finish line... WHO CARES??? I JUST RAN A 5K RACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!!!

Until next time...
Joania (2KMINE!!!)


  1. I know what you're feeling. A huge accomplishment. Awesome!

  2. Awesome. Simply awesome. So very happy to hear that you actually LIKED IT! Just reading about the transformation you've had and the way you feel about the race is wonderful... That you supported the Run for the Cure makes it that much more special.

    Congratulations! I'll be watching for more :)

  3. I just came across your blog today and wanted to say thank you for your post.... Your words about your journey to race day is almost the exact same as mine. I am running my very first 5k next weekend and have been so nervous and doubtful about my ability even though I have been training with a personal trainer for 6 mos.... You have inspired me to go as I have dreamed of how amazing it will feel to cross that finish line....I too am running in honour of my Mom, who passed away 10yrs ago to breast cancer, and I too look forward to crossing this off of my bucket list!

    You did great. Thanks for the inspiration. (hope you don't mind that I added your blog to my list)


  4. Excellent job, well done. Your blog will help inspire many other beginners to keep on going even through the tough times.

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  5. Thank you guys so much for the nice comments! I have kept up with the running and right now on track to meeting my weight loss goals! Check out my main blog for further details..Thanks

  6. How exciting! Now with your first 5K done now you can tackle your first 10K, 1/2 marathon, & marathon! You go girl!